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[Award Nomination] Whoop, whoop!

Velocity Worldwide has just been short-listed for the ‘Best Use of Digital/Innovation in Travel & Tourism’ category at the 2019 DANI…

[Report] New report reveals significant changes in consumer shopping trends

70% of shoppers respond to offers delivered to their phones while in a store…

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5 things retailers and brands need to know about data in 2019

Just looking at basic data about what a consumer might have purchased before and what they may be in the market for now presents some of the biggest opportunities for retailers…

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Velocity Worldwide case study

How Velocity’s data, personalization and insights platform helped Dairy Queen® gather local customer data and insights for their local store marketing initiatives…

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[Award nomination] Whoop, whoop No.2!

We’ve only just heard that we’re a finalist in the ‘Best Personalisation Campaign’ category at this year's ClickZ Marketing Technology awards. A very big deal, indeed...

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Muddy reports on the state of retail and the value of innovation

Opinions on the state of the retail industry vary as much as the kinds of hamburgers you can order at the “have it your way” Burger King…

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Here's how Main Street retailers can use technology to save their businesses

When it comes to brick-and-mortar retailers using technology to improve their businesses, the US lags far behind the rest of the world…

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Digital-native retailers are giving physical stores a radical makeover

Data and technology are the connective tissue underlying the creation of rich, informative in-store experiences…

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[Report] Loyalty rewards, coupons bring QSR customers back

About half of consumers will try a new quick service restaurant because of a coupon, with 50% of women and 44% of men citing financial rewards as the primary driver…

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How retailers can better engage and sell to Gen Z shoppers

In a world where the greatest prize is attention, content must capture young shoppers’ attention and inspire them to participate and take action…

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Get in touch

Velocity’s data, personalisation and insights platform, Darius® for Retail gives retailers what they need to increase sales, footfall and loyalty...

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Just in case you missed it

Another chance to catch up on last month's edition...

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